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Hydro-Pilates pool class burns the core and keeps you cool

Ellen Kempler had recent knee surgery but is scissor kicking, doing jumping jacks, working her core with elastic bands and doing leg lifts like a Pilates pro. The 68-year-old exercise enthusiast credits Ann Anthony's Hydro-Pilates class at the Biltmore Fitness Center's pool for her post-surgery spring and pep. "I have so much more range of motion and recovered so much faster," she says read more...

Hydro-Pilates in Europe

Raul Mas ( from the Canary Islands, is the first person in Europe to be certified in Hydro-Pilates.


Hydro-Pilates Certification in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ann Anthony, creator of Hydro-Pilates, recently trained 25 instructors at Espaço Stella Torreão in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The certification took place August 25-27, 2006. The training also received much media attention and was covered by various Brazilian media outlets. Here are some photo highlights of the successful event/certification.


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